Sunday, November 27, 2011

D.IY Fringe Necklace!

Accessories are girls ultimate best friend. It can transform any simple outfit into anything but FABULOUS and CHIC. It's one of the secrets on how to become a scene stealer. ;) The more you pile on accessories, the quicker you get the attention. But warning though, don't get to frenzied in using all your accessories all at once, you're not a Christmas tree. Choose a point of focus and accessorize around this. One day, it could be your neck area, next your wrist and so on.

ANYWAY. The reason why I'm talking about accessories is becooooz.. *drum roll please.. I made one for myself!  :D I have noticed that fringes where popular last season and up until now. Several online shops were already selling ready-to-wear fringe necklaces and earrings that costs around three hundred pesos and up, and not to mention the additional shipping fee to the total costs. So instead of begging my parents for money or splurging on my savings account, being the resourceful person that I am, I rummaged on my pile of arts craft to look for goodies that I could use. And I found this!

My box of goodies! ^.^ 

To my excitement, I immediately started to create my  fringe necklace. It took me an hour and a half to finish it. The result: 

Viola! My very own personalized fringe necklace!
I chose black tassle since it can go with any outfit. You can never go wrong with black. ;)

Here's how it looks when worn. 

Sooooooo? What do you think?? :) I'm really happy on how it turned out. It's uh-maziiing! This should be one of my closet staples! Agree? :) I bet mom would be happy if she knew that I didn't spend a dime for this. Hoho!

I'm looking forward for my next D.I.M  project. Hmmm. What could it be? Well, till my next post!

Ciao! <3


  1. HAHAHAQ tiene ya tmen pic ali ta semeha... hmmmmmm. haha

  2. It's such a beautiful necklace! I love it! xoxoxo

  3. Well, thank you! :) I'm glad you like it.