Saturday, November 26, 2011


Sometime in October:
My cousin Hazel told me that she was scheduled to have her pre-debut shoot on the 4th of November. She asked me if I would like to accompany her during the shoot, and of course, I immediately said yes. Well, even though she did not ask me if I would like to come, I would still volunteer myself to tag along since I am already bored to death doing nothing at home. :D

November 3, 2011. A day prior to the shoot.
I helped my cousin prepare for the shoot the next day. We went around town and scouted out different boutiques where she could borrow a classy gown in addition of her two other gowns. After that, we proceeded to have her hair and make up rehearsal done at the W Salon. I sat there for almost 2hrs browsing through OK magazines, playing ‘bunny shooter‘ in my phone and eavesdropping on the conversation of two employees. All these just to ease the boredom and yeah, I eventually felt my butt getting numb. I was told that the call time is 10am.

November 4, 2011. Photo shoot.
I checked the clock and it’s already a quarter to 10 and I was still fixing my unruly hair. Another bad hair day! :| I came to the shooting place 30mins late. Good thing Joy waited for me to help her dress up. Along with us is Sir Henry, the official photographer for the shoot. My tasks were simply to assist Joy in styling and dressing her up but since I am an opportunistic person (in a good way) I brought along with me my SLR cam knowing that this would be my chance to test if I have that skill like of photographers. HAHA! Then, the shooting begins…..

 (These are stolen pictures shot by Mr. Henry himself HAHA! Meanie!)

We went to three different locations. The 1st shoot was held at the Museum. 2nd was in a Golf club. 3rd was somewhere in Pasonanca. It was a fun shoot despite the scorching heat of the sun. I shot every possible angle that I could get even if it means rolling, sitting, laying, bending on the ground, rock and the wall. :D Photographers should be flexible, right? and I’m just being one!:wink: I was proud of the outcome of my photos. I felt like I deserved a pat on the back for a job well done. *pat. pat. pat

Three locations. 739 photos. Happy with the outcomes. A new-found skill. Mom even told me that my shots were good. Way too good for a noob. *Hooray!

Ok. Ok. I heard you. Here’s a sneak peek of some photos during the shoot.

So, what can you say? Is it good? Is it good? :D I was a wannabe photographer for a day and I’m glad my cousin loves the photos.

Thanks Joy! Iyo ya gad diba? Iyo ya el all around! LOL.

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