Sunday, December 4, 2011


Another entry of  D.I.Y project! ^__^  *clap clap.

This is the second time I did something out of random stuffs found in my room. For this project, I scavenged  deep into my closet in search for my "next victim" as what I like to call it, and found this;

"The Victim".  An old top which I cropped the puff sleeves and collar the other day. :D 

It took me a while to decide on how to make this old top look stylish and something different, then.. *Tenen! light bulb flickered above my head.  "FRINGEEEEEEEEES!"
My last D.I.M was a fringe necklace, so why not make a fringe top too? The cloth was Jersey and it's just what I needed for a fringe top, a stretchy textile. God is good! :)  So, I got my materials and started to make my very own Fringe top. :)

1st. I cut it into sections until I have achieved my desired fringe effect
Tenen! :D
2nd. Knotted them by pair.
Here's a closer look.
It looks like this after knotting them all. 

I made another knotted row which turned out to be like this;

The finished product;
Viola! My own fringe top. :)

I know, I know, it's a bit messy but c'mon, it's my first time to create such thing. Be considerate! Haha! :D 

Sooo. What do you think? :) It took me an hour to finish this. My eyes were already going loco while doing the fringe knots. Red colored print top was not a good thing to start. @.@  

I might post a look wearing this fringe top tomorrow! Better watch for it! :D

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