Monday, December 19, 2011

Hazel @ 18: REVEALED.

I am so back with blogging. :) Huge thanks to my IT friend who was able to retrieve back my account. Whew! ^__^ :D
Can you guys still remember my post entitled "WANNABE"? It was about me being a wannabe photographer during my cousins' pre debut shoot. Hoho. :D Yes, nakisawsaw ako sa official photographer. lol. Now that I can finally reveal it, I want to share with you some shots I took. :)  

WARNING: I'm a noob, so please be considerate. :)) HEAVY PICTURES AHEAD.

There you go! Yeah, I know, nothing so awesome about my shots, but atleast my cousin loves it! :D

I'm using temporary watermark for these set. Teehee. ^.^

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