Friday, December 2, 2011


I always have this gut feeling whenever my packages are already at our doorsteps even when the mail man has not knocked on the door yet. I just know it. I can sense it. I think over excitement is the main culprit for this hyperactive senses whenever I'm expecting a package from someone. I do think that most girls who are thrilled to have their packages finally in their hands would experience the same sudden surge of instinct. You do agree with me, right? or is it just I? o.O Hmmmm.

ANYWAY. Yesterday, as expected, I received my package from the House of Ferosh.


It's a gold fringe chain necklace called Amara.

I'm totally digging this necklace because; 1) It's gold. 2) It's fringe. 3) It can go with any outfit. 4) I can use it together with the black fringe necklace I made which I mentioned here (D.I.M Fringe Necklace). ^.^

Ooooooh. I'm already excited to wear this.  :D

Thanks House of Ferosh for the smooth transaction.

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