Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Sometime in October, my cousin Hazel asked me if I could design a long gown for her 18th birthday. With no second thoughts, I immediately said a BIG FAT YES. :D The theme was Grecian and she wants her gown to be in RED and in venus cut. Ideas came like popping balloons, I sketched a few designs and showed it to her. 

Her pick: 


Hazel's body is long and slender. I opted to choose a sweetheart neckline to flatter her decolletage, bead work on the waist as an accent and a sheer bottom to show off her long legs. The right sleeve is  made up of a sheer cloth too, with a few bead work at the end of the sleeves.

Though the gown looks good on my cousin, I am disappointed on the dressmaker. She didn't really achieve the gown I wanted and picturing. It's supposed to be almost like a bodycon gown, tight and sexy, but turned out to be a bit loose. Also, the sweetheart neckline was too high, the sheer cloth was a bit thick, the bead work almost camouflaged the gown and the sleeve is also a bit loose.  If I only know how to cut and do patterns.....*Sigh  >,<

ALWAYS COORDINATE and make sure that the dressmaker UNDERSTANDS the design.

Good thing my cousin is gorgeous and looks good in anything she wears.

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